Chocolate Expo

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Sunday January 29

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10:00 AM  – 7:00 PM

There will be tastings & sales of chocolates, baked goods, gelato, specialty foods and much more as heavenly sweets take over the Aquarium on January 29th!  The Maritime Aquarium exhibits will be open and will stay open two hours longer than normal: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Aquarium Members Important Notice:
Aquarium Members receive a $2 discount on event/Aquarium admission this day.  Sorry, but Aquarium members do not receive free admission for this special event.  Senior member price is the same as adult member price. Member guest discounts do not apply.  


•  GETTING HERE:  Tell your GPS or map app that we are at 10 North Water St., Norwalk, CT.   Or click here for directions to The Maritime Aquarium.

•  A BUSY DAY:  Everyone loves chocolate, so Chocolate Expo is very well-attended. Busiest times are between noon and 4 p.m.   Please plan accordingly.  Parents find it more convenient to carry children or to bring small strollers.

•  PARKING:  Parking primarily is available in the Maritime Garage (across from the Aquarium’s main entrance). The city's Webster Lot, a large surface lot, is a short walk away. Click here for a map of parking in South Norwalk. There are a limited number of on-street metered spots nearby. You also can find an open parking space by using a smart-phone app called Parker that displays “real-time” parking availabilities in South Norwalk.

•  ABOUT MONEY:  While most Chocolate Expo vendors will accept credit cards and cash, cash often is a faster transaction. You'll find an ATM at the base of the stairs leading up to our Cafe.

•  LUNCH & THE LIKE:  It would be great just to eat chocolate all day. But if you want a more-typical lunch, our Cascade Cafe will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with its regular selection of sandwiches, soups, pizza, salads and the like. 

•  BYOB:  ... as in Bring Your Own Bag.  A reusable tote bag, like you carry in to grocery stores, is a handy thing to bring to Chocolate Expo ... to consolidate your purchases.